How to force player to take damage without sentries, lasers, or other players

You can’t set the value of a health granter to less than 0, so how do i make the player take damage directly?

You can use lasers.


A invisible laser? Maybe? linked to a zone to trigger so that they take damage from it?

lasers are indirect, and need a player to stand in a certain place to take damage

Yeah, lasers but what would the trigger do though?
Oh, also you can use pseudo-health.

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Not related to the question.

The only way for a player’s health to be detected is to respawn them and teleport them back to the same spot. You can see where we go with this… Zones are 200 memory a piece, and pseudo zones are I think 300 memory a piece. Maybe less for a coordinate system. So this is impractical, or gimpossible.

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