How to find out what's using the most memory

The title explains itself I want to find out the devices using the most memory, I’m at 82 percent and I only just finished the killing part of the ultimate among us guide by Haiasi, need help because I’ll need more memory for the other stuff like ALOT.

what do you think is taking up the most memory

I don’t know, I’m not an expert at devices.

do you have a questionater in your map?

Those take up the most memory

Sentries also take up quite a bit of memory

Use this

for more search memory in the search bar

tag zones also take up a lot of memory

I have a tag zone only 1.

do you have a questionater?

What’s the max amount of memory that’s given for a map. Like how much memory in numbers?

100,000 memory

Really? Is it really 100k?

use this to find out what you need

yes, The amount of memory per map is revealed!

Does terrain and props use memory?

yes, but not much.

Screenshot 2023-12-10 9.41.21 AM

you can find it on the bottom left corner when placing a thing. (prop, device, terrain, ect)

if only devices use a lot of memory a barely have any devices on my memory is 82 percent is that good or bad?