How to do one or more vs the rest

For some reason I can’t reply to @Dragon1 so here is how:
Step 1: Place a lifecycle that transmits on “relay” when the game starts.

Step 2: place a relay with the audience being a random player. Relay when recieving on “relay”. The relay channel is ‘team switch.’

Step 3:place a team switcher that changes the player to team two when recieving on ‘team switch.’

Step 4: Wire the lifecycle to the relay.(Event occurs—trigger relay)
Wire the relay to the team switcher. (Relay triggers—switch player to configured team)

If you want do do 2+ vs the rest, you only have to make multiple of these wired devices.

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If this is for a reply, please actually make it a guide.


This looks noice!

I recommend add mini-guide to this post. Other than that great guide!

This could be used for among us maps (You could also send a popup and if Team switch is received then it could close the “You are crewmate” popup and open a “You are an imposter” one.