How to do? HELP please

How do I make so that when you have a certain amount of research you can open a door. ( or in my case remove a barrier.) But if you don’t have enough of research and they try to open it then it won’t open and it will say something like you don’t have enough research

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Detailed movement or simple, all depends on how detailed you want the game to be.

I’m doing this since no solution yet, but. (Marked solution.)

Use the checker! When it works, wire it when the checker works, make it attempt to purchase a vending machine. Then, wire checker, if it fails check, make it send notification and ta da!

Please don’t give yourself the title of having posted the solution, especially since @Foxy already posted a link to a guide on how to solve @Abeicher’s problem. Thank you! :slight_smile:

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Mark a solution please.