How to do a Game overlay for people left in a game

I need help adding a Game overlay for players left in my new game I am making.

but make the counter update a property, and in the overlay’s blocks, make it show the value of the property

you would need to make a player counter, then tie it to the overlay I think

use this guide, then make a property:
name: players left in game
default value 0
scope global

now put this property in the counter:
use property: yes
name of property: players left in game

get a lifecycle (game start
get a trigger:

now connect the lifecycle to the trigger with wires:
event occurs —> trigger

now get an overlay:
default text: players left (you can put anything here doesn’t matter)
scope: global

now go to blocks:
when receiving on channel (the on in the trigger players left overlay)

and put in these blocks