How to Create Quantum Portal Machineguns!

Bro I replied and said that I can’t shoot when this is active. Are you guys ignoring me?

You have to spam the 2 number on the keyboard

Yeah, it was self-requested.

So this basically works by spam removing and replacing quantum portals to bypass the cooldown?

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I believe so.
You can do this with really any weapon but the Quantum Portal is best because it deals the most damage.
Plus with the Damage Boost device you can do thousands of damage in seconds.


It works best with the slingshot since you really can’t run away.


I used the “removing and giving to bypass the cooldown” in one of my guides. It’s a cool way to bypass the cooldown.

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how do i do the machine gun for everybody because when I start game I have it but everyone else doesn’t

Use a Relay.
Lifecycles only work for the game host because the host triggered the event.

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I like that machine gun! You should try inviting a lot of players into your world and spam the quantum machine gun. That would be EXTREMELY satisfying

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Bump! Can you just using an damage booster for more damage?

Yes you can use a damage boost for more damage.

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it already one shots pretty much everything though

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Idk if someone already asked this but, is it possible to do this later on in the game like if you need to kill a bunch of sentries later in the game but dont want the player to have the quantum portal for the entire game?

What if you have multiple targets tho?

You can just make a device (like a button, or a checkpoint) that stops the lifecycle

Yeah, via item granters.



is there a way to deactivate it?

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@SOME_RANDOM_PERSON ,You could use triggers because they can be deactivated

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