How to create a trading table [WIP]

This is how to create a trading table. First add a button and a table. For the best, make the button invisible.
Screenshot 2024-02-10 18.16.30

Then add a wire repeater. Connect the wire repeater with a button with a wire.
Code should look like: Button Pressed → Repeat wire pulse.

Then add vending machine for the item you want to trade for cash. Required Item: x Granted Item: Cash

Connect the wire repeater with the vending machine using a wire
Code should look like this: Wire pulse repeated → Attempt to purchase
Then connect the vending machine to the wire repeater again.
Code should look this this: Item purchased → repeat wire pulse
There you have it. Note: you might wan’t to add more decoration, devices, etc to get a better trading table.

This is pretty simple. I don’t think we need a guide on it. Also, I’m sure there’s already one.
Edit: You should add decoration.

well, at least it is there if anyone needs it

I mean it’s already on the forums, and I can’t think of anyone who would need to know something this basic. If you want to make it better I recommand adding decoration, more devices, options, and uniqiuness.
Plus we have trading NPCs.

i did that. I used it for a farm in my Cops and Robbers game

You did what exactly?
I know you could just remove the sentry and put a table there insted to make it a trading table, so if you want to keep this guide I recommand making it a wip and going into more depth.

i added decoration to it

So put it into the guide. You’ll need to do more than decoration as well.
@IWASHERE would you like to keep working on this or make a wip?

It isn’t a big part of my game, so i think i can leave it alone for now

If you leave this guide alone i’m gonna flag it because of how basic it is and because it’s a repeat.

You can make an amazing and informational guide, but it’s not amazing and useful because it’s a repeat.

don’t flag it. I guess we can go into more depth

Then it’s a wip. Keep working then. Make sure to look before you search.

what does serach mean?

It’s the magningfine glass in the top right. Like with Google.

oh. It was a mispell. and it is Magnifying glass

Sorry, thanks for pointing it out.

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@IWASHERE You literally have one day to edit this. And it’s a repeated guide, basically. Look at @BreathTaking’s post. Sorry, but I might have to flag it for being repetitive and too short.