How to create a title screen


Use a popup or textboxes.

what do you mean? hu

Or, alternatively you could put text on the ground

Do you want it to be at the beginning on the game?

no but i want a settings and play button

A popup tutorial that shows at the start of the game.
And the textboxes for the lobby like Wumpus’ Dungeon Crawler.

yes id relly much cuz title screen

For the settings to change the game:

@Haiasi I already read that but it maks no sense :sob:

You can place down a zone where your players spawn and then Player enters zone → show overlay that should work, at least that’s what I did.

So, you could make a modified popup shop that activates the tutorial with a game overlay at game start!

Basically there are triggers to select the game difficulty.
(They are all wired to deactivate themselves and other triggers once one of the triggers are triggered)
And they have a channel which corresponds to the difficulty called
These channels activate a sentry corresponding to how hard the difficulty chosen was.

i mad this mechanism:

If it works, please remember to mark a solution!

This has a title screen part. Make sure to mark a solution!

Use a pregame spawn pad (with a camera view) to set up a lobby.

My idea of a title screen is to start in a room with whatever text you want for a few seconds then teleporting you to the actual game.

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