How to create a Popup saying the Player's name! (3/10)

I have often wondered how to do this, but I have just figured it out. It uses blocks which are a little more complicated than normal Gimkit creative, but once you see, you Know anyways, lets get to it!

  1. Activator: Like most builds you need an activator. Though do not use wires, Channels will be used later. We’ll use the simplest: A button.

  2. Popup: Well, it depends. We use the blocks to put in the player’s name, so if you use the name on the header, I reccomend putting the Content text in how you normally would. And vice versa.

  3. Blocks: Press on the popup, and in the top-left corner press blocks,

    Screenshot 2024-05-22 9.49.49 PM

And press “When Receiving on Channel”. Then, make your channel, and you will be in a screen like this

Then make this

Get the header or content from “from this device” Then, go get the “Create Text With” From the Text section. Finally, get the Triggering Player’s Name Block from the essenctials. (Spelled that wrong) and if you want, extra text from text

  1. Last thingys: Put the Channel you put in from the popup into the activator. If you use buttons, make it “When Button Pressed”

How To Make Text Show A Players Name
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