How to Create a Merchant System! Difficulty 7/10 or [ 🟧 ]

)!pmuB tanchreM ot klaT(

)pmubgni edudes ll’i pots(


(Talk to Merchant Bump!)

(I’ll stop bumping guides)

How to traslate

My words are revesred, and not in the right order. Unreverse them and find the right order to understand:

pmub, yakO = Bump, okay = Okay, Bump.

Actual translation:

Talk to Merhcnat Bump!

stop I’ll sedude ingbump


Why do we have to decipher your cryptic messages just to understand what you’re saying? Seriously, we shouldn’t have a message explaining how to decipher it as if most of your messages aren’t already bumps. It’s fine if you wanna have fun, but please do it in a way that doesn’t harm how people view your message.

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Screenshot 2024-03-10 2.29.07 PM
There’s a traslation

nice guide! now with the different cosmetics for sentries stache would be a better alternative!

I could’ve done so much better on this guide, it felt so boring… :frowning2:


Nice guide! Can I link this to one of my guides and give you credit?


Great guide! You might want to use dropdowns and make the pictures smaller, so it’s easier to read. Otherwise, it’s awesome!

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