How to count sentry knockouts

Are you wanting to sap health from the player when they kill an enemy? Because you could make all the sentries output on something like, sentryknockout, for example, and then it would update a counter which could update a property, or a player health manager (or whatever they’re called) to take away the player health. If that’s not it, then @Freddie, maybe you should consider updating the name of this post, it might confuse people. Just a friendly suggestion! Have an excellent day! :thumbsup:

Hi!! May I ask why my post was relevant to this question? It included nothing about sentry knockouts. Just asking! =)

do you mean to count sentry knockouts on the leaderboard? if so look at this guide How to Make a Leaderboard For Sentry Knockouts! [Difficulty: :orange_square:]

I second that! Also, if you want to to take the longer and more complicated route, or depending on how you see it, you can have the sentries transmit on a channel when knocked out, which in turn when receiving on the channel, increments the counter and property.
2. I read the profile descriptions, so you have an answer to your description now.