How to code a player randomizer

You have the relay, right? Also, there are other people in the game, correct?

yes I have a relay. It just says my name

Ok let me rethink the process.

On game start, use life cycle, wire it to relay, when event happens, trigger relay. When relay triggered, make it transmit a channel. Make relay do activate random player only. Go to your game overlay, and make the the channel the relay transmitted, for it to appear. Turn the visibility scope in the scope category it player. Change game overlay for set text to triggering persons name. Try that.

That’s exactly what I did @Txme_Lxss

I did that before I came on forum, and It just says my name.

So your tryna make it where a players name is shown on a overlay, correct?

And that its shown to only to the player, that has the players name in it, right?

yes I am. This is for a bounty hunt mechanism. I already figured everything else out, I just need to finish this part.

It only says my name when I trigger it.

You can use <> and put text inside to make text invisible

There should be bounty hunt guides. I’m pretty sure.

Try using those, and remix them to your liking, because it seems like you are advanced enough to do that.

I tried looking, but none of them worked on mine, and there was only two when I checked yesterday @Txme_Lxss

Ok. Last idea.

Trigger, transmit channel. When transmitted, use relay. Make audience randomized. Relay channel to game overlay. Go to its block code, add set text, and players name that triggered it. I will test in game.

It worked for me, so hopefully it does for you.

I can send you pictures of how I did everything @Txme_Lxss

I’m on the bus, and I won’t be able to have wifi, but I’ll get on when I get home in like 5 minutes. I’m still waiting for them to leave right now, so I can still talk

I got to go, but I’ll be home soon

Its 6:16 pm for me currently, so timezones. But I will check back tomorrow.