How to code a player randomizer

I don’t know how to code a player randomizer to when you trigger the trigger it chooses a random player and puts the player’s name on your screen in an overlay. Please help me.

Life cycle, on game start, then, go to relay and choose random person. After you can get a game overlay and in the block code, make it triggering persons name. I will add more ,but let me go in game to confirm.


That’s all correct.


Replace the lifecylce with trigger!


Ok, continuing, go to the section, for this device, and make it so it set the text, triggering persons name, then your info.


You mean triggering players name?

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alright, thanks for the catch.

Yes, anyways don’t read this, filler for 20 character limit

I want only one player to see it though @Txme_Lxss

The triggering player

Wym by that? If so, use a relay, to randomize that person who sees it, and make the scope player.

alright. so person who triggered it sees it only, use scope to make it player.

See their own name?

Scope? What’s that? I don’t know

I want the triggering player to see a random players name.

Nevermind, I’m being dumb. I just realized.

scroll down and change it to not visible on game start. Scroll up and it should say scope option. go to visibility scope and change it to player. ta da! it should work now

And make sure to test it! Go get another tab and do it with another player. If it doesn’t work, tell me.

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It just says my name. I tested it multiple times. @Txme_Lxss

Wym? filler for requirements.