How to check which player has the most knockouts?

So I am making a battle royale game, I already made a post about the score asking for help, but I also am struggling to make one other part. I am keeping track of knockouts as an end-of-game widget and using time alive for score, but I want to make another end-of-game widget that says the number of knockouts the person with the most knockouts has. I don’t know why but it isn’t working, I referenced a couple of topics here but none were this exactly. I can provide more detail about what I’m doing if needed, but I would really appreciate it if someone walked me through it. Thanks so much in advance!

Try checking here A guide to the End of Game Widget(Difficulty 1/10 or 🟩)
That might help

I know how to use the device, I just don’t know why the program isn’t working. The widget is just showing up blank at the end of the game.

Try:How to make "Seconds Survived" on the Leaderboard guide

Use a property that tracks how many knockouts you have. Knockout Manager (or whatever I haven’t used it in a while lol) goes to a counter that increments and updates a property on an EGW.

Use player IDs!

(I gtg so I can’t go into more detail, sorry!)