How to "Check" If a Player Has Done Something

So this guide will show you how to check if a player has done something without properties, blocks, or items.

So how do we do this? Lets use the checker-item system to develop our own system. So if the player has the item, the broadcast continues. If they don’t, it doesn’t. Also, a channel will trigger an item granter to grant the item when the player does the event. What else can model this?

We need something that blocks the transmission from passing on the flick of a channel. Well, triggers can! If we activate and deactivate the trigger, then the channel broadcast will be stopped. Just make sure the trigger is deactivated on game start and that its activation scope is player.

I don’t think that this needs any pictures since this is so simple and is just a walkthrough.

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I used a system that checks if you have no medpack which automatically disappears when you use it. My bad.

Well, this is for events, not if you have an item.

This sounds like CPT with a trigger added…

This has nothing to do with items…

I just built off an existing inefficient model to show the intuition behind it.

Did you just call CPT… inefficient?

Using items to see who’s done something isn’t CPT though. And NPT is better than CPT though.

Not necessarily. CPT can be easier to grasp.

That doesn’t mean that CPT is more efficient. It means that it can be easier to use.

Dude. That’s literally one of the main uses of CPT. NPT can stay in it’s own lane with numbers, and CPT can stick with booleans.

@getrithekd wat


But the trigger system in this one is more efficient because it doesn’t use an item granter and can’t be interfered with by the player.

Also, thats_gimpossible, if I hadn't seen that dropdown... Just see for yourself.

NPT is better for conversions to and from regular teams.
It is easier to switch pseudo teams.
Only 1 item granter is needed with this.

Oh. I didn’t want trolls putting 10/10, so it only goes up to 5.

Sorry for blowing up. I tend to overreact when people find flaws in CPT.

I tend to use PPT, bc I am lazy.

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Yeah, triggers can save you from using true/false properties, as all you need to do is to connect a trigger to the device, have “deactivated” as “false”, and “activated” as “true”, then connect the trigger to the device that runs an action if your “property” was true, and you now have a logic gate without blocks.

TLDR; You can use triggers to sever connections between devices and become “pseudo” true/false properties, like in this or this.


Nice job!