How to bypass creative device limits!

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You could use an item spawner for giving items and as a generator for an idle game. However if you want to grant an item after you click a button or something item granter is king. Counters use less memory than blocks which cost 500 memory for each block.


The tag zone can be replaced by turning off respawn and checking if the player is in a zone.


What do you mean, “list examples”?

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You can use triggers for zones as they don’t have a limit and maybe a cannon for a sentry that shoots a basketball and when the prop shows it explodes and destroys everything in it’s area (respawn device)
Use this guide


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Ok, here I go, @potato1 poease listen! Ok, so basically, this is more of you can have 200+ popups with only 1 device. This is useful for dialogue, basically, think what causes to make the pop up open, make a block on the popup that triggers when receiving on that channel! Make it create text with what you want it to say, each time do that for the same pop up device, and bam over the limit with only 1 device. Literally


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