How to build a coordinate Tracker

Hi! this is a guide on how to make a coordinate-tracking system, like the one used in don’t look down/dig it up!


I have already found a guide on this, but felt it wasn’t clear enough so am making a broken-down version
I wasn’t able to ask the creator of the first one since he is suspended until 2026 :frowning:

2 wire repeaters
2 properties
1 Lifecycle
1 Coordinate tracker
1 Trigger
1 Overlay

Making the Tracker…
First, Connect the lifecycle to the first wire repeater with a wire, then select Event occurs
Screenshot 2024-05-21 at 5.41.20 PM

Now, select the wire repeater, and set its delay to 0.2 Seconds

Screenshot 2024-05-21 at 5.43.15 PM

Next, connect the first wire repeater to the second with a wire, then the second back to the first

Now, take the trigger and configure its settings to this

Visible in-game: No
Trigger By Player Collision: No

Now, wire the second wire repeater to the trigger and set the wire to this

When wire repeater receives a pulse->Trigger

Now, take a property, and configure it like this

Property name: Xpos
Property type: Number
Property scope: player

Now, copy the device by pressing c while hovering over it, then placing it down somewhere else, then take the copy and set the name to Ypos

Now, take the Player coordinates device and configure it like this

Update Properties: Yes
The x and y position options will pop up after you click yes
X Position Property: Xpos
Y Position Property: Ypos

Now, open the overlay and configure it like this

Content Scope: Player

Now, add a when receiving on channel block, and set the channel to Update coordinates
Screenshot 2024-05-21 at 6.21.14 PM

Copy the block code here

Now, go back to the trigger and configure it like this

When triggered, transmit on: Update coordinates

You’re Done! Thanks for reading and I hope you use this in your games, Platformer and Top-Down Alike!

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Great guide! I love how you explain step by step how to do it. Keep up the great work!

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The other guide didn’t really describe what devices you needed or how to configure them, and was really short, so I broke it down step by step


I know. Many people just use words and don’t even include pictures! :expressionless:

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Good and detailed guide. Now I don’t have to feel stuck on making my own platformer maps using coordinates.

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*Cough cough
How To Track And Tell Others Your Exact Coordinates
There’s Already A Coordinate Tracker System.


what gimguy said…
try using dropdowns so it’s doesn’t look all that cluttered but more organized. try resizing your pictures so they are smaller since you used a lot, but it’s great that you had a picture for EVERYTHING! Add a little more verbal details.


Nice guide!

(Definitely good for Minecraft games that are open world. Cool coordinates! Come meet me at 546, 112 guys, my base is there!! Definitely real diamonds)

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Sorry, I looked it up and didn’t see anything. Nice Guide!