How to animate a basketball being thrown Difficulty: 🟩

@wingwave My version is different and I made it on my own :slight_smile:


Navy’s a girl? oof I thought she was a boy. MY BAD :sweat_smile:

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GREAT guide @Chong! (I really need to do my homeowrk now!)

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Yeah, I did too, well most did, the pfp is kind of nutral though.

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*Neutral (you had a little misspelling).

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I always miss spell, and with my keyboard, its a bit difficult.

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That chromebook keyword lol

TBH I don’t really care if you misgender me

Have you considered hiding shadows for the thrown balls?

Huh, no one said this before?

Sorry, I happened to miss that.

I sometimes space on text blurbs.

I still don’t get it can U Just J0in my game

Codes are not allowed on the forum.
The rules are here for a reason, please respect it.


well do i just wire the basket ball to the button or

Wire the button to the basketball.

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ok i did that and do i activate the button or deactivate it

you need two buttons, one button activates the prop, and the other deactivates it, if you want it to repeat, use repeaters.

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If you have trouble, please make a Help post to avoid clutter on guides.

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