How to add freezing

So, I am currently making this game where there are roles with abilities. Im trying to add a frost role that can freeze everyone else’s movement for three seconds. How can I possibly accomplish this? (With a game overlay.)

You could make it so the movement meter is set to default off and when you press a game overlay button it broadcasts a relay which sets the movement meter activated. Its actually pretty easy.

You can use a relay and speed modifier or the above


new relay
broadcast on: "freeze"
relay when receiving on: "relay freeze"
relay to: all other players
new speed modifier
activate when receiving on: "freeze"
speed: 0
new trigger
activate when receiving on: "freeze"
delay when triggered: 3 sec
when triggered, broadcast on: "unfreeze"
new speed modifier
activate when receiving on "unfreeze"
speed: 1

and whenever the player who is supposed to freeze everyone else uses ability, broadcast on “relay freeze”


I checked and I’m not sure that there is a default off setting. Maybe I’m wrong…

speed modifiers work better for this

Speed modifiers can work but it pretty much only works for one person most of the time, unless I meticulously add zones and EVERYTHING to accomplish this : )

Also, if you wanted a cool down you could make the game overlays hide itself when clicked, show another overlay that’s text saying “Cool-down” and trigger a trigger which after time, sets it back to original, also earlier I had a question about movement meters, and if you set the movement meters to default “Off” it should work.

Could you give me a scenario in which this works?

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Thanks, just saying I know all the game overlays, and I have experimented with the movement meter but it sometimes just doesn’t, work?

Here’s my setup:

Here is a link to the help topic I am talking about.
Also for three seconds you would have a trigger for three seconds, then make it relay to certain players turn movement meters off.

Overlay [button pressed → trigger relay] Relay(all other players). Relay [relay triggered → configure player to set speed] speed modifier (x0.0 speed)

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see my edit above

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Nice! Also, there is no default setting for the movement meter, :cold_face:


Go to all options in the movement meter and scroll. There IS definitely a default setting.


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Nope, there is no option.

Yeah here’s a picture

Screenshot 2024-04-30 7.27.45 PM

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Btw, with the speed thing, It’s also going to freeze the freezer…