How should i improve my dragon art?

Shout out to Navy and Clicclac.

But I am making a dragon and it is made from barriers and metal signs. I have yet to fill it in but i have the frame. It consists of 68 barriers. I want to know what to add to it to make it look even better before i fill it in.

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Make it blue ig? Maybe make the dragon a bit bigger and add shields for scales.

thats with the metal signs, but yes.

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oh sheilds might work too… and blue, got it.

Give it a very simple yet goofy face like this → ._.

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Also, add some | text intricately layered if you wanna give the dragon a mane kinda like the dragon in raya and the last dragon.

good idea, but like, how?

hold up wolf I know you an regular and all what I mean by ur TL is you know the most on the forum here and you asking for help but before I or anyone else continue shouldn’t this be in the art categories? due to the fact there be no point in art tag and most art are in there



three hmmmm you could add some eyes, a third and fourth leg. no sus mind intended,
maybe adjust the middle or back a bit it just look like it got bitten by something,
and uh the mouth or beak look like it could be widen a bit.

:laughing: yeah but sometimes i like to just get others ideas you know. And no the art tag is for art, the Art is for thumbnails. and yeah this is just the frame, not the finished product.

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I still question why instead of using thumbnail name for the new categories Jeff decided to make it name art catergories and to this day could cause a little confusion from that tbh


I mean it do look good i can’t stop asking about why bro back look like he was jumped and bitten by a dinosaur or something even tho u said that it just the frames not the finished product hope it still will look good tho bro back tho be like: :skull:

could you still be able to widen the beak/mouth and add a third and fourth leg? STILL NO SUS MIND INTENDED I wonder how he be walking on two legs

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Ooh, looks great do far! Maybe change the scale color? :smiley:


Were u able to message the mods yet?

can’t believe I had to say that.

wait should it look dark greenish? it be cool

considering uh wolf tech gim in ghost mode lol

Mke it seem really impessive and then something off and looks silly, like how Microwavedwaffles said the face. Also add hornes, smikes on back, and possibly add something on the tail. Not trying to be mean, but It reminds me of a dog kind of. :smile:

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I was thinking more along the lines of varying shades of blue & gray, but that’s cool, too! :sunglasses:

no not yet, im currently in algebra, but i will soon.

this looks like you drew it gj!
Also is there ever gonna be a drawing function in creative?
it would be seemingly so simple and SOOO helpful

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i think there will be for like barrier size and shape.

Bro don’t remind me…algebra sucked…geomatry is soo much better enjoy that next year.

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