How should i improve my dragon art?

Give it larger wings

oh not a regular one?
because wouldnt that me kind of simple and easy? i mean we reeallly need one.
(drawing function is what i assume you were replying about at least)

im working on that now. (:

A better head shape. It looks like a dog from my perspective.

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I think maybe you should have the wings sticking up?

And yes, maybe horns and spikes.

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agreed, ut that is a bit, tough ngl.

aight (:
maybe give it a larger jaw or something cuz it kinda looks like the let me do it for you dog, no offense

It does kind of (really) look like a dog. No offense intended, though.

yall r good it looks like a lizard with a dog head, lol


Maybe add horns and the color green?

No, the wings look good folded in, they just need more details like tiny wing indentions or bone parts with the silky kinda like a bat.


That would look good, too! I would maybe make them bigger.