How much memory does Gimkit have?

Gimkit’s memory limit is 100k. According to the Gimkit Wiki, 100,000 memory can be used before you can hit the memory. Here could be some ways to reduce memory.

-reduce number of props (people may not focus on the props. they would usually focus on the game)
-delete all unimportant devices (devices take up alot of space)
-reduce number of terrain blocks or remove blocks out of sight (why have those blocks there if no ones gonna see it?)

more info:

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Maybe you could add tips on how to be more memory efficient to add more to the guide.


i can add that, too!

This guide is really short… Maybe you could add pictures, specifics, or maybe alternatives to high-memory devices?


I see you’ve added those, nice job! You could be more specific on why doing those things work and how to do them. You could then link guides about memory.


This is a bit short of a guide, may want to make it longer…


maybe you shouldn’t make a guide, then link other guides

maybe link this guide: Renewed - Gimkit Devices Ranked by Memory

this is kinda short, and also, the title is misleading, it sounds like your asking a question

True, I was confused why this was in the guide section when I first saw it

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