How make badge thingy

so basically I’m trying to make a “find the markers” type game and I don’t know how to make the player get a badge thingy when they find something


you can use notifiers

Then you can detect a specific notification and then show a prop (the badge) in a location or anywhere you want

Hope this works :grinning:

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You can grant them an item. For example, when they reach the marker, add a button/trigger that connects to an item granted that grants, for example, money and possibly use the notification device to mark their arrival at the marker. Heres a kind of map to how it would work:

interaction (reach marker) -> item granter [item as badge] -> notification device

you can use a wire or a channel and wire it to the prop you are using as the marker. So when the marker is found by a button being pressed, a popup will appear telling you that you have “gotten a badge”.

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you can use an overlay with a checklist code of which an example which i will provide in a moment

but first u need a constant trigger loop both with a delay of 0.0015 and send on channel ¨check badges¨

so here is the game overlay code

the trigger loop
Screenshot 2023-11-27 9.47.11 AM
and the overlay settings
Screenshot 2023-11-27 9.47.02 AM

Maybe once you find a certain marker, you have a wire attached to smth. and if u go to a certain location. it will say what markers you have and dont. like the gallery in there. but instead of showing ALL the markers. it jst shows u what u have. and FTM is pretty fun too. i used to play it.


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also you can make an overlay that shows when you get the badge so you can see it

But a full guide might be more helpful.

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