How does this worked?

Um, so for the first time I had my post flagged. Or, maybe three of them. Anyhow, is there anyway to see what posts got flagged? I want to see what I did wrong and what to change. I am defiently going to stop being off topic. Anyone know how to see it?

Yeah this happened to a lot of people, I think it was @WhoAmL

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What happened? I got 3 pms and I want to know what I did.

i got like 5. two today, and 3 yesterday

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If you click on the pm that was sent, it should show you the post that was flagged.


What happened when you clicked on that link?

idk i dont think it was and my psa also got deleted bc of it

it says page private or does not exist

That means the post was removed.

Wait, so how do I see it if it was removed? Also, if I got 3 notifications, does that mean that 3 of my posts were off topic?

Yes, but I think it sends you a notification if it gets removed. Not sure though.

i guess?

Me too! But, I had some off-topic stuff, so I didn’t worry about it too much.

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Well, this might be my signal that my time is over.

Same. My Tips and Tricks of the Forum PSA got deleted too.