How do you turn on and off lazers I NEED HELP

I need help turrningg on and off lazers [Don´t make it too complicated]

Use a wire repeater clock, a repeater, trigger clock, or follow this guide.

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Thank you so much for the help!! this helped a lot!!

Welcome to the Gimkit Community!

I figured out another way:
1 lifecycle, default settings
2 repeaters, each set to 10 sec. interval, turn off on channel
1 wire repeater, set to five second delay
1 laser, default settings

Connect the lifecycle to one repeater. (On game start → Start repeater)
Connect the lifecycle to the wire repeater. (On game start → Repeat the wire pulse)
Connect the wire repeater to the other repeater. (On wire pulse → Start repeater)
Connect the first repeater to the laser. (On repeat → Turn off laser)
Finally, connect the second repeater to the laser. (On repeat → Turn on laser)

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there are plenty of great ways, like mine (which is way worse and memory consuming), but the other one uses less, but great job finding another way!

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