How do you turn off sound

How to turn off sounds?

Just use the mute button on your device

yea but I have other music in the background

in game or for editing


In real gamemodes its a setting where like the end game is. oh for editing, I think when its published you can change it like in a real gamemode.

On Game Options, click Music, and then choose “None”

ok i show how

For editing

right click on the tab then select “mute”

Like no music while you edit?

Go and right click on the gimkit tab and click mute site

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It’s that easy

oh yeah of course I dum I’ve done this before

Ohhhh I see. Yea right click your tab and hit Mute Site

Glad I could help! :slight_smile:


you can click the on screen button in a game that looks like this. and drag the bars to the left and it will end the music and the sound effects.


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Oh you meant muting the tab.

I thought in game

yes that also works?

it does, that’s the main source for sound in a game. and it saves.