How do you see how much food and water left using overlays?

Just like in weird strict dad, you can see how much food, water and energy left using overlays.

The hunger bar will be decreasing every 30 seconds left (-3 lost, for example, hunger was from 100/100 into 97/100. Water will be the same thing as hunger.)

The water will track the Gimkit item “Water”, and the Food will track the gimkit item “Bananas”.

You can use a Game Overlay and set it to “Tracked Item.”

For the decreasing hunger and water, you can use a trigger that broadcasts on a channel and triggers itself on that exact same channel to create a loop.
In the “When triggered, transmit on” channel slot, you can make it take away an item from an item granter’s “grant item (or in this case take away) when receiving on” channel slot or just wire the Trigger to an Item Granter.

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Use the tracked item in game overlay settings to track it.
To see your percent through a dash you need to make it in blockcode
set text, create text with, get property “blah”


I do need pictures to make this, though…

When I send it, it usually disappears but okay.

What device are you on? It says that the image is broken.

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Just look at this quoted text

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Fersion and GimSolver, you don’t need blockcode for that, there’s a Game Overlay setting to show your current amount of a specific item / (out of) the maximum.
Combined with an IIM, (Inventory Item Manager) with a maximum limit, it should look like this:

(Code Inactive)

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Why… Did that not exist when we were doing the other thing?


I know, but i’m trying to find to decrease the item by 30 seconds.

Bam! :exploding_head:

Wait, does that prevent them from going over the limit?

If the IIM has a maximum amount, yes.
The Game Overlay doesn’t stop them from going over the limit, the IIM does.


Here are some pictures:

Btw, you need something to Trigger the Trigger first in order for it to work.
(Ex. Lifecycle set on Game Start)

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How do i also make it show the limit? The overlay just says 100 (with the water and hunger tracked), and there’s no /100 thing. Like this:

What it’s supposed to show (both of these)


What it’s showing


You should have an Inventory Item Manager with a maximum amount (in the “behavior” tab”) and set the Game Overlay’s “Show Tracked Item Maximum Amount” setting to “yes.”


(Code inactive, I took this screenshot from the previous posts)

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