How do you make Turns like on a board game

How to do you make turns when a player can do things but the other can’t.

That for combat tho i want it so were after you roll a dice or something and then they can’t use the button until its there turn again.

Make one player activate the button for the other player and deactivate it for themselves.

have a property called [turn] (global, number, default 0)
get another property connected to the live player counter [player amount]: (global, number, default 0)

then make player ID’s like in this guide
get a trigger that when triggered:

Set property: turn
Value: [(get property: turn) + (1)]
If: [(get property turn) > (get property player amount)]
do: set property turn – Value: (1)
if: [(get property player ID) = (get property turn)]
do: broadcast on channel your turn

now make whatever happens when it is the players turn happen when receiving on channel: your turn