How do you make thumbnails?

How do you make thumbnails?

When you publish a game, it gives you the option to put in a thumbnail. Most people use drawing apps or slides to make them.

I use, adobe express, or Also use to remove the background from objects to get action like gims.


ohhh ill try them now

do you mean like power point slides

Sure! Some might use google slides too. I suggest an app though, like the ones @TorontoBulls1 suggested, to make it.

but how do you find the pictures

Use the Gimkit wiki for the gims or use these guides:

[:clipboard:Gadgets] Gimkit Image Clipboard
[:clipboard: Items] Gimkit Image Clipboard

Backgrounds can be game screenshots (in play mode using a camera view to make the player outside the desired pic) or draw or even AI generated (some other people dislike, but it still works)

How do you make your game public?

If you publish it, it will automatically become. But this doesn’t mean that you’re game will immediately get plays.

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