How do you make people deal damage gradually like when you are too cold

Like elemental damage.

There’s no practical way to make this. You can only damage players with lasers and sentries, and lasers can only hit once until the player exits the laser’s path and enters it again.

oh okay so it is impossible?

untill the update where helth granters can take away health

Not impossible, but impractical.

You cant really do this, it is kinda imposible, but you can try making it so that if you take frost damage, it gives silver seed, and if you have enogh silver seeds, then you die

How? I don’t really see a way to do this…

You could try using pseudo health
Pseudo-Health, what it does, how to use it (Difficulty: đźź©)

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@Theaxolotl but does it work like continuous damage?

It’s like hunger.

yeah because i am making a game where you start in a frozen place and you are trying to find shelter so i want there to be like hunger or frost damage.

@Epi320 how would you use the seeds to damage them?

You check every n seconds to see if they have the seeds. If they don’t, kill them. Only problem is that you can’t easily see this.

Following on blackhole saying it’s impractical, if you really want it, this is probably how.

Coordinate system, lasers, and teleporters.

Teleporters teleport you out of the map, making you take damage, then teleport you back, and coordinate system to guarantee you spawn back correctly.

Just use this guide and replace it with temperature.


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Really it’s not impossible…
All you need is some lasers, and you’re all set!!!

@Godspawnking that’s a little difficult for a beginner…

Maybe, but that’s how they learn. Also, it’s not that complicated. What’s more complicated is trying to make a save file for your players, which is what I’m trying to do.


Yeah, maybe you’re right…
True that!!! Good luck doing that…

Off-Topic Question

What’s the theme/game mode of that game???
Just wondering…

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It’s a dungeon crawler, and it’s already released. I’m just making v1.3 of it. Now let’s get back on topic

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