How do you make it so when you click a button you start to get money every second

how do you make it so when you click a button you start to get money every second and when you click another button, you start to get more money every second


repeater connected to an item granter
and then start the repeater when you press the button


Have a button wired to a item give with said amount of money and use one of the repeaters with the intreval at every second!!

If you need to save memory use a trigger loop or write repeater loop


Or you can do a trigger loop for memory efficiency. A trigger loop is where a trigger triggers itself and something else so it is caught in a loop. But it requires a delay to work properly in case you don’t know.

Items Needed

1 item granter with the setting to grant cash
1 button (you prob already have it)
1 repeater

Do something like this:

Step 1: on the repeater put the amount in seconds you want the cash to be granted, on these settings, I put 1 sec for mine

Step 2 Now put how long you want this to keep going on

Step 3, wire the button to the repeater

Step 4, wire the repeater to the item granter (set to cash)

That should be it!

so, if I just want it to go forever, do I just spam numbers then? because I want the player to get more money over time

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yup, put so many 9’s as you can

ok I’ll try to figure it out, and do I just make it for each button I have then?

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yes, and like the item granter, you can change the amount each time, like the way I showed you it gives 1 cash each time, you can change that number for each higher upgrade, like another that gives 2 or 5 each time

is there a way to stop the repeater or the cash flow when another button gets pressed?

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:nerd_face: Correction: repeater connected to cash item granted, with repeater interval set to 1, and set repeat task for 1800 seconds, like so

and then connect the repeater to the granted with cash, and its done!

wire the new button to the repeater
button: when pressed → repeater: stop repeater

yes you can, wire a button to the repeater

perfect :slight_smile:
daggone word minimum limit

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bro I cant make it so you need money to buy a button this what I got right now

also off-topice, but to get past the work limit just do this: under your text, add random works like this <> (inside those signs)

why dont you use a vending machine to send a message on a channel to buy the money thing

also thx

try this, instead of wiring the button to the repeater, try wiring it from the vending machine to the repeater, item purchased, start repeater