How do you make it so when a player touches a block they respawn

I need to know this for bed wars

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Put a zone around the block you want, but enough so that the player can enter it. Then, wire the zone to a respawner player enters zone → respawn player.


Just place a zone around the block that if they touch they die. and wire it to the respawn device with the wires, Player Enters Zone >>> Respawn Player

Also there are so many guides for bedwars and literally a resources page, so please do not make a help post with out looking first!

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@Pandax44_Pando44 Please mark a solution as this has already been solved by me and WingWave!

Please don’t say that certain people have solved it (even if you two were the only to reply), the author might think something else.


What do you mean by “a block” ?

lasers ers surrounding the block?

I might say you COULD use a laser around it.
^ Hey, I just got that idea!!! You stole it!!! /jk

Ooh I just realized my grammar is way off (Maybe I Should have slept last night)

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