How do you make it so projectiles despawn when in a zone? [RESOLVED]

I made an area where you can’t shoot so players in there can’t get damaged until they go to the arena, but people can damage the player when in the arena. How do you make it where projectiles cannot shoot in the zone?

Deactivated barriers block projectiles. here is a guide to a safe zone:
How to make a battle royale temporary safe zone (Difficulty: :green_square:) - Community Made Guides - Gimkit Creative

I made the barrier deactivated. Still passes through, and I want my player to go in and out of the area.

You could have a no-firing zone with normal walls around it

I don’t know, I’ll try the safe zone method. It sounds better to do so, I don’t want people hopping in the safe zone to heal mid-battle.

You could have a hub and a teleporter that people walk into to enter the battle.

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Setting the outer zone’s properties to disallow additional projectile spawning is a good start (then you can make a second zone that does allow projectile spawning)…
… but I’m assuming that you also want to prevent projectiles from being fired into the outer zone from inside. Props and/or barriers are probably the best option there, but you’ll also want to set up the location of the arena strategically in order to minimize that risk. A more complex solution is to have barriers that stay deactivated until the player enters the arena and then activate once the player is within the inner zone - make sure that the scope of the change only applies to individual players! - and prevent players or projectiles from exiting the arena once they’ve entered… until they get knocked out, that is.

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