How do you make it so every time you get a kill it would switch your weapon?

I need help for this part. Its like a gun game mechanic but I want it to be much easier. Pls Help.

Do you want it to be a specific weapon or a random weapon? Is there a weapon order or something like that you want to switch to?


There is a devise u can use; Be careful tho it can reck your game if your not.

Which one? Item granter?

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This might help. I’m not sure if mysz completed the gun system though.

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I know that mysz finished Gimkit Arsenal, which uses this mechanic, so it should work.

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maybe you can try making a device where it takes away your current weapon and gives you a new one?

I suggest using a life cycle to track when the player dies and checkers to determine current weapons and item granters to switch them out. If you want I can make a more in-depth guide for this system.