How do you make a voting system

Need it for a friends map

You can make areas separated by walls that you can walk through, and have the game host press a button to finalize the vote!

  1. LIFECYCLE: This device will handle moving a player to the “Spectator” team when they’re eliminated. Set the “On Player Knocked Out” to “PlayerIsSpectator”.

  2. TEAM SWITCHER: Wire this to the Lifecycle device. Set it to switch to the “Spectator” team when it receives from “PlayerIsSpectator”.

  3. COUNTER: This device will keep track of the votes. Set the target to the number of votes needed to eliminate a player.

  4. TRIGGERS: You will need three triggers.

    • TRIGGER 1: For the Barrier. Set “Trigger Delay” to the cooldown time between votes. Set “Triggered” to transmit on “ActivateCoolDown”.
    • TRIGGER 2: For Voting. Set “Trigger when receiving on” to “Lockself”. Set “Activate when receiving on” to “SendWarningNotification”.
    • TRIGGER 3: For Resetting Counter. Set “Trigger Delay” to the time before the Counter resets votes. Set “Trigger by player collision” to “no”.
  5. BARRIER: Set this up around the voting area. Set it to deactivate when receiving on “ActivateCoolDown”.

  6. CHECKER: This device will check if the required number of votes has been reached. Set “Check type” to “Score Amount”, “Comparison” to “Equal To”, and “Value” to the number of votes needed to eliminate a player. Set “When the check fails, transmit on” to “PlayerIsSpectator”.

  7. RELAY: This device will handle transmitting the vote. Set “Relay Audience” to “Random Player On Specific Team”, and choose the team that is voting. Set “Relay Channel” to “RandomPlayer”.

  8. NOTIFICATION: This device will send a notification when a player is chosen for elimination. Set “Send notification when receiving on” to “RandomPlayer”.

  9. ZONE and SPAWN PAD: These devices are needed for each team. Wire each Zone to a Team Switcher, so when a player enters a zone, they switch to the corresponding team.

  10. BARRIER: This is for the Spectator team. Set it to activate when receiving on “SendWarningNotification” and deactivate when receiving on “DeactivateBarrier”.

After you’ve wired everything up, the process should go like this: Players vote → Counter tracks votes → When enough votes are cast, Checker triggers Relay → Relay randomly selects a player → Player is notified they have been selected → If player is knocked out, Lifecycle triggers Team Switcher → Team Switcher moves player to “Spectator” team. When the Counter resets, the Barrier deactivates allowing players to leave the Spectator zone.


I don’t think all of that is needed?

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Here’s the most reliable voting system as of now!