How do you make a vault like this?

you make it with metal terrain, metal signs and fences.
oh and a keycard thing (I forgor what its called)

how do I make the opening mechanism

For the keycard part You have to put a hidden button under the keycard thing and make it send a channel to the “vault door” So it turns invisable

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Well, how is the vault opened? Using an item?

gold keycard is used

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You use an invisble vending machine, with required item set to Gold Keycard. Then you can make the vault door using a barrier or a prop, then wire the vending machine to the vault door that goes: Item purchased > Deativate barrier/Hide prop.


ok but how do I make the keycard thing take the key?

I usually use a checker… If checker passes → open vault & have item granter take item
If checker fails → do nothing

(Yall’s way is definitely better than mine lol)

set the vending machine to accept the golden keycard and then make it open the vault

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If you did it right, the vending machine takes away your Gold Keycard.
No need for checkers.

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I mean i want this part
Screenshot 2024-04-19 8.20.01 AM

yeah thats what we were talking about

ok but what’s the device that looks like that a checker?

you are gonna need different devices for it because it is just a prop

It’s called a Trigger or smthn

what prop is it???

ok 13233e`2124312432

in the device section

trigger just looks like a computer chip