How do you make a vault like this?

excuse me, do you want this prop?

or do you want a way to make a key card system

They’re asking for the name of that prop.

it called the gate console, @Jettco.

both the prop and system

takin a quiz so I’ll be back
I’m in class
I’ll help when I’m done

Oh my bad. Sorry!

ok so how do I hookm up the gate console to the keycard sysstem

ok I’m back let me help you

question, how will the player get the key card?

are you there?
I can help now

Defeating a boss …mbhcbdjbasljbjk

alright. give me a minute and ill make a system

ok thanks I guess c. …

So, you want the gate console to open the door? That would require you to make a system that opens the door (the ones described above are pretty good), then put a gate console on top of the thing that activates the system.

so first you want to get a button and checker

have the checker run one check
it will check for the (color) keycard
and have the checker wired to the entrance of the vault which will hide the entrance

it doesn’t have to be a sign so don’t worry

Just for good gamemaking, check for if you have more than 0 keycards instead. That way, if you have two keycards somehow, you won’t softlock.

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I thought this was a gamecode and was about to flag it then I saw it was extra characters
next time you can just put do but without the spaces…

like this?
set it to greater than?

Yes, and change the amount of keycards needed to 0.

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if you want to bypass the character limit use


and put any letter in it

like this