How do you make a poll in game?


I didn’t find it. Also, it was a long time ago that it was found, before I was on the forum. Now let’s all stay on-topic here.

@Mr.Tomato I know that this is off-topic, but how do you become a member?

I’m sorry @wingwave I know it’s off-topic

I don’t really know but I logged in every day to look at guides and I made a few post so I think that is how you get it.

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@Mr.Tomato I’m not very good at making a “How to”. Could you do one on how to do one?

The poll? I am making it right now wait like 10 mins

Guys, you’re being off-topic right now.

There is no need to reply on an already-solved post.

Please discuss this on the wixsite if you don’t want to get flagged

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Ok I will stop, how to I lock this forum?

Let’s not hope for the return of this specific event… :skull:

A solution has already been marked and this will close 3 hours after the last reply.
Now let’s stop replying here and wait for this to close.

@Mr.Tomato you are really good at posting things, I’m not. Would you make a guide on how to make a guide?

That may be considered off topic since Jeff said that he didn’t want any new forum guides as they create a LOT of clutter, which I agree with.

What do you mean by forum guide?

Any psa s or fa s

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what is an fa?

fa means forum-announcment

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Oh thank you, but how it this a psa or fa?

A PSA is like an important announcement about the forum and a FA is like a forum-tip.
You can find out what guides mean here:

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