How do you make a poll in game?

Here is how the main system should work:
Step 1: Place a zone.
This will be your voting area.
Feel free to add some props or other decorations.

Step 2: Place a popup.
This will be where your players can vote.
Configure the popup to have one option and another option that says “next option.”
This allows you to create a large amount of options.

Wire the Zone to a Popup
Player Enters Zone > Open Popup

Step 3: Now we’ll be deciding the actions triggered once a player chooses the first option or the second option.
Let’s do the first one.

Step 4: Wire the popup to a notification to run some blockcode.
Refer to this older post:

Step 5: After you have done that, let’s do the second option.
Place another popup.
Configure it like the previous one (1 option, and an option called “next”)

Now repeat the first 4 steps depending on how many options you want.

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Did it work?

Wow, that question-answer-learn technique looks pretty useful! I’ll use it next time. Thanks, NavyCatZ!

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I made a different system where it is an area and it shows who pressed it and I am currently testing it so idk if it works. (edit: it works)

You’d have to use 2+ tabs to test it works

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I did and it worked!


Nice job! Since it was your own system, I guess you have to make your own reply as a solution for this post.

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I didn’t know you could do that and should I like explain how I did it then mark a solution or just mark a random one?

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You should probably mark this reply:


okay will do it right now, thanks for ur help!

No problem!

Wait I have a question, for me I have to write at least 20 characters in a reply but you don’t so is it a trust level 3 thing?

No, it’s not a TL3 thing. A thing we found was that you can bypass the character limit by typing letters (and only letters) into <> brackets. What it does is hide it all (if it is only letters), so it works. Make sure to type enough to fill the entire 20 characters.

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@wingwave that’s brilliant! You should be proud of yourself upon finding that!

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Oh thats nice

yay it worked


I didn’t find it. Also, it was a long time ago that it was found, before I was on the forum. Now let’s all stay on-topic here.

@Mr.Tomato I know that this is off-topic, but how do you become a member?

I’m sorry @wingwave I know it’s off-topic

I don’t really know but I logged in every day to look at guides and I made a few post so I think that is how you get it.