How do you make a passage where you can only enter

i want to make a dev only ariea that i can only enter

Set a barrier that only a certain team can go through, and will not allow other players on certain teams. For example team 1 has only one spawner on you map and only the host aka you can spawn there so only you can enter a barrier that allows team 1.

Additionally, if you are the host in the game, you can make a spawn pad only spawn the host (There’s a setting for that.) Put the spawn pad in the dev room and connect a zone in the room to a barrier so it deactivates it. In the barrier, set scope to player.

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Or you can make it to were only team 1 can purchase the barrier so it will not be there for you but for the others. Here is a guide on that; How to add purchasable walls/barriers. (Difficulty: 🟩)

check out this post i found on gimkit fandom. just replace the laser with a barrier, and it should work!

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