How Do You Make a Lottery Ticket Machine?

I want to add a lottery into my Gimkit creative map, kind of like how you use lottery tickets to purchase the lottery in a vending machine, in the Farmchain map. I cannot find a way to do this.

Use blocks. Create an invisible button near the vending machine. Connect it to an item granted. Generate a random number from 1 to n. If there is a certain integer in the interval [1, n], do something. If not, do nothing.

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Thank you for the idea!

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How do I use a block on the button or vending machine?

Use this:

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(I do this too much)

Oops, sorry everyone. I want to help too often.

It is in your nature…


put this in a trigger that triggers when you use the vending machine

then have 10 diffeerent things that can happen that trigger on channel random#, # being the number 1-10.