How do you make a loot table?

I know what you’re thinking, @leahciM ! There’s already guides! NO I mean no what I want is so like you know in fishtopia there is a table that will buy your fish and give you cash I want that but instead of fish I’m using dynamic blocks

I’m making a mining game

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There are guides for that as well. Search up “selling station.”

is there item image of it?
if not use text with emojis

:man_facepalming: dang I didn’t know but ok

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replace the fish with blocks

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Try putting a button at the table and connect it vending machine with wires.

it’s wip

wait can someone explain the guide? I have no idea

So you connect a wire from a button at the table to a vending machine, and then select " When button is pressed, attempt to purchase. ( That’s what I do.)

just get vending machines and a button, connect the buttons to the vending machines via channels

button channels:
button pressed, broadcast on channel “SELL”

vending machine channels:
attempt to purchase when receiving on channel “SELL”
when item is purchased broadcast on channel “SELL” then you should be able to sell stuff with no problem