How do you make a farm system. and not like this one

this one was from a guide, but the button is still on and lets me get infinite corn…

Did you reread the guide? Maybe you missed a step.

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The gamecode is showing, please edit it out.
(why did my quote get removed)

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but i read every word

but back to the point tho… it keeps giving corn and wont stop… is there a solution???

Can you send me the guide you used and your system?

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sure! this is the guide right here!

You could use a checker after giving the player +1 of a property then have a checker constantly checking ing if the have it and the harvest button reset it

but how??? can you send that in pictures???

Bump I will get it but it might take a minute

Do everything but get rid of the well and button

Next Make A checker with

Now, Wire that to a repeater to stop the repeater when check passes

Now the repeater settings,

When the button is pressed go to a trigger with these settings
Screenshot 2023-09-12 08.54.41

A trigger with the repeater connected

And the trigger with these settings
Screenshot 2023-09-12 08.52.40

And a property named time

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