How do you make a counter count down every second?

How do you make a counter count down?

Pretty sure that’s impossible

There is an option wire → decrement counter

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how do i make it so when it hits 0 it activate something?

Get not impossibled


fair enough… I got reversed…

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Set the target value of the counter to 0, and then wire the counter to something else, and select “target value reached”.

Wait, 'cept making a DLD map…

Nope, Apoll02 did that.

but it wont count down

oh yeah… Gim jumper…

Bro prove that it’s impossible if you say that it’s impossible.

Make a trigger that triggers itself with a delay of 1 second. Make a lifecycle broadcast to an all player relay. That relay should trigger the trigger. The trigger decreases the counter.

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@tallguy is this what you mean:


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repeater or trigger to counter
(triggered-> decrement counter)
set the original value to like ex 100
make the delay 1 sec

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That is exactly what is in @Blizzy 's guide.

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i posted this like a millisecond after you posted the guide

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I posted it before you did.

Repeater :rotating_light:

repeaters are often easier for newer gims to understand and as long as the map has space its fine