How do you make a cabinet that you can search?

I’m making a sort of Friday the 13th game and I’m trying to make it so that you can search drawers and things for items, but I want there to be a screen of whats in the cabinet and you can choose to pick it up or not. Is that even possible to create in gimkit?


First, place a cabinet (prop) where you want, and then place a vending machine (device) next to it.

Make the vending machine so that it doesn’t appear in-game, and the cost is 0 of anything.

Then, make the vending machine give you the items and the amount.

Finally, place the vending machine underneath or in front of the cabinet.

You’re done!

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You can do that with popup call to actions.

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I added some pictures if you need them. Also, usually like 5 people start replying all at once. It’s strange that they didn’t…

The way I had it before was that I had a cabinet, then I had a button that said “search” next to it. I had it connected to a item granter for a medpack with a wire (when pressed, grant item). I think I also had a trigger that would read the button being pressed via channels, then send a signal to deactivate the button. That didn’t really work, so i basically made the button self-destruct as soon as you pressed it, deactivating it with it’s own channel it sent. Im sorry if that made zero sense lol, Im bad at explaining things sometimes…

No, that makes sense to me. When you need to grant things to players, you can use vending machines as a shortcut (sometimes).

You will need to wire that button to a popup that has call to actions so the player can choose to pick it up or not.

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welcome to the community @GabrielisAwake!

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Use this, but without the shop part. That should help.


maybe make it teleport you somewhere after pressing a button that says search
then use like prop and text art to make like a search minigame thingy

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