How do you make a Blastball game mode?

How do you make a Blastball game mode?

This should help:

I did the things for the Ball, but I mainly need help on the scoring of the game

connect the goals to a property via counter, and make the scoreboard track that counter
Scored->Increment counter
Make the counter connected to a property that is set on number
Make that property show on scoreboard

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I did that, but the person who scored gets a point, but I need to make it a specific team

All you do is use the ball device and a ball capture zone and then make the arena.
For the scoring, make it to where when the ball enters a zone, it ups a property and make the score property and also set the score on teams.

Make the leaderboard team scored, not player

Use a counter that is wired to the scoring area ( I forgot what it is called) and also wire it to a property. Do the same thing for the other goal, and wire it to the same property. On the actual map settings go to the leader board, make it property, and enter the name of the property that the counters are attached to.

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I can’t put a wire to a Property, but do you mean that the Counter’s supposed to update a Property? I tried that, but I got the same problem.

I did that. What I meant was that if you scored an own goal, your team gets a point, not the other team.

link the goal thingy to a relay that is set to random person on a team(make the team the opposing one) and link that to a counter with all the properties and stuff

You could add like 10 balls for chaos

You don’t wire the counter to the property, there is a section in the counter’s settings that says property. Click on that, say yes, and enter the name of the property.