How do you make 2 movement meters work at the same time

I have 2 movement meters both which track different items but they won’t work at the same time. Is there a way I can make them work at the same time?

what do you need 2 for?

i think you need inventory managers

One tracks energy for an energy system and the other tracks corn for a tracking steps system

Do you know of a way I can use them I am already using one for the corn movement meter Not for the energy system though

Okay. I dont exactly know if you can do 2 but my might be able to make a second one out of a item granter a property and some other stuff like in the fishtopia clones

you want an energy system?

How to make loot-tables (Difficulty: Easy :green_square: )
just don’t use the actual loot tables

he already has that

I might be able to switch out the energy movement system for that

Will I be able to make this take away energy as the player moves

yes? i honestly dont know. i can check later if you need…i cant check rn. but yes theoretically

I just read the guide and I don’t see how it could take away an item after the player moves

I FIGURED IT OUT since the first movement meter tracks steps of a player (corn) then I can use it’s property that detects when the corn amount changes to give the player -10 energy! And I won’t even need another movement meter. Thank you everyone anyway

yea that literally what i was saying .-.

Oh I don’t know what you had meant

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