How do you do the thing where you cross out a text in red and have a green text to read instead?

I’m very sorry that this is off-topic but I need to know how to perform this action.
I’ll mark a solution right away to remove this from existence.

I… actually have no idea. And yes this is off-topic.

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I think that it could happen when you edit a post, but I am not sure.

@Haiasi Do you know?


There is a way you can do it, but I don’t know how.

Me either, :confused:
Maybe @wingwave ??

I don’t know. I’ve seen people do it…

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I’ve seen @Haiasi do it but he is AFK at the moment

Maybe @getrithekd could help? I bet they have done it…

I don’t think he has. and it’s spelled getrithekd.

I think I know. I’ve seen it somewhere while editing my post.

Oh. Sorry, my bad. I misread it.

I think wolf technology would know, where is he?

Try using this post: [📜] The ULTIMATE Guide to Formatting your Posts I think I saw it somewhere in it.

@Haiasi, please respond as soon as possible so I can close this.

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It looks like @cr1sis posted this about it on that guide, but not how…

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Oh, you mean this ? I forgot how to do the green one, but for the red, you type < del > to start and < /del > to end (without the spaces).


okay that’s cool

Thanks, that helps! @wingwave for the save!


Yeah, thank you, @wingwave

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