How do you do a seconds survived leaderboard

For some reason I kept getting 300 seconds even tho the game lasted like, 2 seconds.

Can someone help me?

What is the property’s default value?
Are the counters/properties player-scoped?

Yes they are all player scoped. The default value is 0.

@GimSolver I tried that one. It did not work. It kept showing up as 300 seconds

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Can you show me a picture of all the devices and wires, altogether?

i still don’t understand

Does the counter have to be global or can it be player scoped

It has to be player-scoped.
(Both the Counter and Property)
Hold on, I’m getting the pictures.

I tried and it won’t work

@Beluga_Whale It works, you must have something editing the property

umm it does not @Blizzy




thank you it works now

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