How do you create a progress save file? (NOT SAVING THE MAP)

I was wondering how save games would work in GKC. Lets use a game with quests as an example. You have a main quest with 3 stages, then two side quests that are independent of the main. The goal is to make it so you can have some sort of transferable data that can store each of these values.

First, we must set up the data gathering. Whenever a channel is triggered for the completion or progression of a quest, it’s stored in a property or something as a number (say 0 is start, 3 is completion, if the digit is 2, then you are at the 3rd stage of the quest, which can be done by just adding a number whenever something like a progression channel is triggered). From there, you combine all these different digits into one string or integer or whatever.
Pretty simple so far, but now we get to the tricky part.
How do you a) put that information into a format that the player can read/interact with, and b) unpack that data?

I’m open to any ideas, and thanks for your help!

P.S. if you have any questions about the premise, let me know

EDIT: Yeah, for the different types you could just add 10 for a certain quest and 100 for a different one to a property, then withdraw that property data somehow.
EDIT 2: TL;DR: How do you unpack data from some collection of binary switches or base 10 switches that can increment, and use that to run certain states?

the more and more I think about this, the more possible it seems…

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You go to the settings on your map, then click the save document.
Screenshot 2023-10-02 11.13.53 AM
Screenshot 2023-10-02 11.13.58 AM

No, sorry, let me clarify. I don’t mean saving the map in Creative, I mean giving a save file to the players so that they can pull out their progress between sessions.

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That is not possible, sorry. That would be very advanced for gimkit and that has yet to be done or even made.


So far no one has made a system for this, but it most likely is possible. You would need to encode the data somehow and output it for the player to copy and paste later, but that would need use of a keyboard or chat system. Then, you would need to change certain stats based on that data.

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You should probably ask Gimkit if they can make that possible

It’s not gimpossible, but it is very difficult(or tedius) and may lag or be easily hacked.


Yeah. Everything aside from the unpacking would be very difficult.

I would as @getrithekd, but as of right now, no one knows how or if it may be even possible.

There is really no way players can save game progress, as jeffo or josh, i have not even seen a single way to even try to do this.

I believe it is because we have all the tools and pieces to do so. We have chat systems, encoding sytems, and data converters.

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Yeah, but to make it when the tab is closed and when ever the host host it, the player is saved with the preveus data, gimpossible. This is not Gension Impact, its gimkit, and that would be very hard to do and if some how possible would take up extreme amounts of memory.

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Would it though? You just need a property or two, some way for players to input their save, and a thing to send channel signals based on the properties. It would take an extensive amount of memory, but it seems pretty possible.

Not that much memory, the keyboard would take up the most, the actual system for the data encoding and converion would take up very little.

And it’s not even a keyboard, you would literally only need 3 buttons. One to move over a digit, one to increment up, and one to increment down. if you wanted to save memory, you could even get rid of the increment down button.

Take a voting system, seems easy, but really they are veru hard and take up a lot of memeory, so trying this would take up at least 50% to 70% memory if i can be done, so it leaves not much room to build a good map, idk. This is something we should ask josh about, he would know.

I think this is in fortnite creative (which is where I think GKC was born from)

It is, josh him self said on the discord he liked and took some of the things from fortnite to make gimkit. Like the shield and hp bar.

True, but some games aren’t that big and could benifit from this.

If I completely figure it out, I’ll make a guide about it, I guess.

Still curious about ideas for unpacking though. You can read properties and do operations on them, right?

oh man i got a whole debate goin now